Gloves, Wristwarmers & Mittens

Proprietary Blend of Merino Wool, Possum Fibre and Silk

Our gloves are made from pure merino wool which is spun with possum fibre and silk to make them lighter than expected but warmer than expected. The weave is dense which gives excellent protection against the cold and wind. 


honey turnback gloves


For the 2021 Winter & Spring Season we have selected bright jewel tones which are full of cheer and are sure to delight.

We're still caught in the grips of the pandemic but we feel optimistic about recovery and we feel these colours express that. 

Properties & Benefits

They're not entirely windproof or waterproof but there is a degree of these properties in these gloves. Light rain or snow will brush off leaving your gloves dry to touch and most importantly dry inside. 


Merino wool is grown in New Zealand, largely in the high country of the South Island. Where other animals fail to survive, merino sheep are hardy against the weather (snow/rain/drought/ wind/ sleet). They are also adaptable to the food that is available. Merino sheep will eat grass but also other vegetation that grows higher in the mountains. As New Zealand has a long history of growing merino wool and other kinds of wool the farmers (growers) are experts in the care of their animals. New Zealand does not practice mulesing for instance and there are strict laws which govern the farming of sheep. 

The other key material ingredient in these gloves and wrist warmers is possum fibre. The Brushtail Possum is a nocturnal mammal which was introduced to New Zealand in the late 1800s with the hopes of establishing a fur trade. The possum quickly adapted to its new island paradise home and the population exploded to the point where the possum is now considered a pest. The use of possum fur is an ecological choice that helps to reduce possum numbers as their impact on the native forests and native birds of New Zealand is devastating. 
Possum fur / fibre is very soft and provides exceptional warmth to the merino wool. In general our gloves contain around 20% possum fibre which has been spun and knitted into the wool. You may occasionally see a darker fibre on your gloves, this is the possum fibre. Possum Merino is a unique textile manufactured only in New Zealand. Its softness and warmth are comparable to cashmere. 

Made in New Zealand

Our gloves are designed and manufactured in Palmerston North, New Zealand in a factory which was established in around 1864. For over 135 years Manawatu Knitting Mills has been an active supporter of the local community providing employment in the area. Many manufacturing facilities have moved offshore to cut costs so it's a source of pride to say that these gloves, sold under the Native World brand, are New Zealand made. The blend of possum and merino is proprietary to MKM and all of the colours are carefully chosen by their designers as they plan each year's collection.