New Zealand

Not much can thrive in this remote corner of the world, except for sheep.

This is the New Zealand High Country: the perfect environment for the world's happiest sheep.

Welcome to North South Stewart
From the distant shores of New Zealand, we bring you soft and fluffy, warm and cuddly possum wool winter accessories, delivered to your doorstep in Japan.

We are located in Osaka. We have contacted producers in New Zealand to choose the designs, colours and textiles that we think are perfect for the cold seasons in Japan.

New Zealand wool is the cleanest, whitest and softest wool in the world and we are proud to support the fine farming families who raise happy sheep while caring for this beautiful pristine land.

  • Starting in Autumn we wear wraps and shawls when the cool breezes pick up early morning and late evening.

  • Our beanies and hats keep the cold at bay once we move into Winter. It's always cold somewhere. We are year-round suppliers of warm wool clothing & accessories.

  • We continue to wear wool right through Spring when it can still be cool. Wool is the best investment in your wardrobe for at least three seasons in Japan.

  • For cycling and walking we have soft yet lightweight gloves that do a great job keeping the wind chill away.

  • Indoors we stay comfortable with wraps, neckwarmers and fingerless gloves that allow us to complete housework and work from home tasks.

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